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We optimize technologies. We integrate business. We are not afraid of extreme challenges.

About us

We are a team of programmers, and system development and management and QA specialist. We have many clients from the public sector. We diagnose problems and choose the right solutions. We operate at every scale– no matter if it's a small assignment, or a projects lasting months or even years... a satisfied customer is the key to our success.

Our strength is our staff. The skill and knowledge of our programmers is the basis of our continuous progress. The brand we have build is based upon the principles of professionalism and reliability and our staff always operate with surgical precission.

Computer systems are our world. Computer software is our product. BPM optimisation is our service. We integrate independent IT platforms into one entity. We improve efficiency and eliminate errors. Impossible is not a part of our code. We don't settle for anything less than success.

Info baza Technology in numbers


Years in business


Specialists in software engineering

30 K

Hours spent on software testing

2.8 K

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Created products


Our specialty

We offer professional, adaptive and effective software, and system integration and IT services.
We specialise in developing IT projects, testing and in software and business process optimisation.

Our products

IBT business line
digital business, is a product line by Info Baza Technology made for large businesses and institutions which are interested in increasing their productiveness and business process organisation with the newest IT solutions.

IBT office line,
digital office, is a product line by Info Baza Technology made for medium and small businesses and institutions which require tools enabling them to save time and to better organise work and resources.

IBT digital service, is a set of support tools for programmers and IT divisions. It consists of services such as: software creation and testing, training, BPM and software diagnostics and optimisation.

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