Dynatrace Software Efficiency Management

Digital Business

Dynatrace Software Efficiency Management is a specialised IT tool designed to provide information pertaining to the quality of services delivered by the company to the users.

The examples of the usage of the scattered IT systems in business are many. The clients paying with their credit cards in supermarkets, the Internet users making purchases on-line, the online ticket reservations or newsletter subscriptions, and the users of the B2B on-line platform communicating with their clients are the source of the millions of the on-line operations every day. The efficiency of the operation of such systems guarantees the daily success of many a company.

How to avoid losses or the consumer dissatisfaction and service resignation after the system failure?

The answers to these problems is Dynatrace— the Application Performance Management.

What you can achieve with Dynatrace?

  • the high quality and efficiency of the IT systems that you lend to your clients or use inside of your own organisation,
  • the detailed knowledge aimed at the software engineers responsible for the proper and efficient work of the IT systems in the places where problems arise allowing the fast resolution of the bugs,
  • the ability to identify the weak points of the IT systems which can become a problem in the future due to the web traffic.
  • the proven way of avoiding financial and reputational losses in case of the system failure.

Dynatrace redefines the application efficiency management. All the solutions it offers are based upon the PurePath technology which guarantees the access at every stage of the transaction, starting with the first click and ending with the database query. The tool monitors applications at the source code level which lowers the costs and shortens the time needed to deliver the application to the end users.

Dynatrace offers five main tools:

1. user-experience management

  • it enables monitoring of the application users behaviours online, the system workload and all the realised transactions,
  • it analyses all the action on the www websites. All the conjecture is eliminated and substituted with data showing the authentic behaviours of the users while also optimising the solution delivery in order to maximize the business benefits,
  • it is prepared to the virtualisation and cloud computing use.

2. business transaction management

  • it gives its users a chance to concentrate on the key business challenges,
  • it allows grouping transactions according to their type: client, product, earnings, entity localization— the business users have the unprecedented access to the application activity in real time,
  • it offers the advanced management options of the SLA deals in order to promote better integration between defining business targets with the actual IT initiatives,
  • it is an ideal system designed to optimize the key business transactions and pending tasks.

3. advanced monitoring

  • it grants the access to the application performance data. The PurePath technology guarantees that the information and metrics will be 100% accurate. The Dynatrace solutions give the business users the precise data helpful in increasing the efficiency of problem prevention and solving by a large margin.

4. proactive performance management

  • taking into account performance management of the application in areas engineering allows to shorten the production circle while simultaneously improving the written code quality,
  • DynaTrace offers support to the project teams by offering them the only APM system designed from the beginning for the programming purposes,
  • efficiency management is within reach of every project team due to: the build-in regression panels, version management, the build history and session file sharing.

5. deepest diagnostics

  • the diagnostics allows to quickly identify the true source of the problem,
  • dynatrace combines code-level diagnostics with full access to the executed transactions allowing the understanding of the application behavior under the real workload, no matter its complexity and dispersion,
  • due to the integrated memory diagnostics, the automated hot-spot analysis, and the PurePath technology DynaTrace is easy to use and intuitive even despite its multi-functionality.

What are the advantages of using Dynatrace in the IT divisions?

This is a unique agent-based technology allowing the ground-level analysis of the application performance on the Java Virtual Machines .NET (CLR - Common Language Runtime) and on the PHP platform.

The virtual machines create an isolated environment in the host operating system which becomes a platform for the applications. If any performance issues were detected the standard system monitoring tools nie będzie w stanie wskazać przyczyny problemu.

Why? Because they are diagnosing the problem in the virtual machine from the outside.

And Dynatrace can bypass this restriction!

The application is designed to work inside the Java virtual machines, CLr (.NET) or the PHP process enabling the insight into the operation of the applications nested in that environment.

The way it works

  • 1. The specialized agent (installed on the machine that the application is running on), offers a very detailed view of the Java/.NET/PHP application’s operation and identifies the inefficient elements of the application even at the method and SQL query level
  • 2. In order to even better highlight the performance issues at every level of the monitored application Dynatrace makes the use of the agent designed for the leading web servers, and the IBM and IBM IMS System mainframe services.
  • 3. It is also possible to monitor the programs written in the machine-code-compiled languages with the help of manual instrumentation (base code modification) with the use of a native agent.
  • 4. The agents allow to monitor the work parameters of the servers where the application components operate.
  • 5. A specialized JavaScript agent operating at the browser side allowing to efficiently monitor the end user experience (User Experience Monitoring).
  • 6. Dynatrace due to the PurePath technology is able to store information about every end user transaction at every level of the monitored service. The unique PurePath technology doesn’t average the collected data and every bit of information about transactions is stored even in large production environments.
  • 7. The unique functionality allows to acquire business, operational, testing and developer data of the unprecedented quality. By analyzing the every single transaction Dynatrace can be used during the whole lifetime of the application form its testing phase till its monitoring.
  • 8. The recipients receive a reliable, non-averaged, SLA relevant data concerning the key business transactions divided into simulated and actual traffic, end client type, their localization and the business parameters of the transaction.
  • 9. The maintenance department obtains the tool tailored to the fast analysis of the problem sources based on the correlated information from every level of the application service.
  • 10. The clients who use Dynatrace testify that the application has significantly shortened the time needed to solve the efficiency problems.