The Dynatrace tool is a comprehensive approach to efficiency management based on PurePath technology which enables its users to fully monitor database queries. This unique feature also allows them to obtain the business, operational, testing and developer data of unprecedented quality. This approach saves money and time needed to deliver the application to the consumer.

The key elements of DPM are:

  • USER-EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT – the online user behaviour analysis, traffic and load testing,
  • BUSINESS TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT - the examination and grouping of business transactions according to type (clients, products, earnings, enterprise locale, etc.) grants business users the never-seen-before access to the software inner operations in real time,
  • ADVANCED MONITORING - the deep monitoring of all system elements guarantees obtaining precise data and metrics,
  • PROACTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - the application performance management systems allowing to shorten the product development time and to simultaneously improve its code structure,
  • DEEPEST DIAGNOSTICS - the comprehensive diagnostics performed at the source code level with full access to the performed transactions.