Loan and Deposit Calculator

Digital Business

Loan and Deposit Calculator is an application designed to be nested on the company website and is designed to analyse financial products for the consumer. Its purpose is to calculate the rates of the loans and bank deposits.

What you can achieve with the application?

  • A modern approach to client services the online activities on the website and offline actions in the company headquarters,
  • - The presentation of the wide content offer on the website at all times and always for the benefit of the end user,
  • The assurance , that your client receives accurate information and clear presentation of the numerical data necessary for the on-line transaction,
  • the iconic image of the professional , embracing the ever-changing trends of the financial market.

The basic functionalities of the application are:

  • the adaptable nature of the calculator enables setting of the parameters for the different kinds of loans: cash, mortgage, investment and deposits: standard, one-day, etc.,
  • administrator-level management allows to easily and quickly change the parameters,
  • non-restrictive parameter settings— can be customised according to the needs of the bank or other financial institution,
  • the easy-to-use calculator can be used by the users from every age group,
  • enables the users to calculate the interest rate for the deposit and to make comparisons between the payment plans with the main and decreasing rates. Also checking the rates created during the whole period of the credit’s duration and calculating the difference between the foreign and home currency loans is possible.

digital business the Loan and Deposit Calculator is immediately available on-line and doesn’t need to be downloaded or log into by the customer wanting to know more about the given product. The graphical user interface is clear and easy to use.