Dashboarder Process Management

Digital Business

Dashboarder Process Management is a tool designed to present numerical data and to monitor and react to the events occurring during the process management in companies.

What you can achieve with the application?

  • a convenient and clear way of numerical data presentation,
  • the constant monitoring of the parameters constituting the part of the process and environmental conditions, etc.,
  • the efficient control over technical, financial and logistical occurrences in your company,
  • the safety of the work assignments , due to the early risk prevention mechanism,
  • the proven way of avoiding the financial loses after not meeting the standards and norms stemming from the technological, economical and legal requirements,
  • the ex post analysis of the parameters, critical moments, changing trends, etc., in accordance with the historical data.

The system will find its use everywhere where the constant control over the work parameters, environmental conditions, the amount of savings and resources, and the financial data is enforced due to the technical, fiscal and legal requirements, such as:

  • to present data from the transport systems— product delivery services (important delivery, delayed delivery),
  • to present the financial indicators (profits for the chosen moment in time), for people managing finances— financial analysis dashboards,
  • to present analytical data and assumptions based on the sales (associating dates with products and delivery services),

The system implementation encompasses:

  • the data analysis of the data which will be the data source for the operator cockpits,
  • designing the interface (data base, networking services, incrementing asynchronous messages),
  • the preparation of the configurative processes enabling the download from the data sources for the presentation.