BPM - Business Proces Management - the management of the business processes

The methodology of analysing and optimising the business procedures in companies allows to improve their management. The proper analysis also helps in identifying the “bottle necks”, the duplicated actions and the tasks that are to be automated.

The analysis of the document and information flows and the structure of the organisation enables the design of the optimal workflows with roles and information management.

Such notation-based modelling (BPMN, VACD and EPC) facilitates the cooperation between different units. These notations are also easily understandable by the business users and the IT divisions allowing them to better outline the system requirements and to write the code tailored to the clients’ needs.

The proper risk management and the implementation of BPM often leads to the overall increase in the company stability and longevity. It also provides the auditing divisions with the necessary information needed to verify its compliance with the chosen standard.